My name is Matt Petrowski and I am the sole proprietor of Statix Media. I posses a versatile skill set that lends very well to web development. My specific skills include:

  • Standards-compliant XHTML and CSS
  • JavaScript and DOM (DHTML) scripting, including AJAX
  • PHP server-side scripting
  • SQL databases
  • Raster, vector, and 3D graphic design
  • Webserver administration

I have only recently begun pursuing Web development as a profession, but have been doing Web and graphic design as a hobby for many years. Born in 1983, I have grown up with the Personal Computer and Internet explosion. At a very young age, I decided that I would strive for a career in computers. I have been designing web sites and graphics since the World Wide Web was in its infancy, and over the years have acquired considerable programming skill as well. Having previously focused my career goals on computer programming (I am an expert C/C++/ASM/etc. coder), you can be sure that the code that I develop for your site is top-notch.

Aside from my programming skill, I also consider myself a talented graphic artist and designer, and I am very comfortable working with industry-standard graphic design software. Packages I take full advantage of include:

  • Adobe Photoshop (raster graphics)
  • Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics)
  • Adobe Flash (vector animation)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max (3D graphics)

I create all of my sites in basic text editors and never use WYSIWYG design software; these programs generally output bloated, inefficient code that sometimes even fails standards-validation. I encourage potential clients to inspect and validate any and all (XHTML/CSS/JavaScript) code contained within these pages -- there are validation links located at the bottom of every page. Upon visual inspection, you will find my code to be valid, concise, and well-formatted. I am also capable of compressing (or obfuscating) the code delivered to site visitors to maximize efficiency.

All server- and client-side scripts on my sites are written by myself and not borrowed (or bought or stolen) from others. I write code with speed, security, and accessibility in mind. Any graphics contained herein are also my own creations.